NYC - On an inspirational view and perspective

Always keenly attentive to what is going on around him, Eric sees far more than just geometry and faces. The addresses he shares with you are the most inspirational views of the city.

# be inspired by architecture

The Guggenheim represents the true expression of form and function. The simple concrete forms of this elegant easy-to-understand building exuding a light feel make it as robust and classic as a Mido watch. To be aligned with the monument, the watch design should simplify the exterior expression into a single molded piece, appear free of any superfluous ornamentation or be more monochromatic, while showing the user how the watch works by expressing the movement of time through the overall design.

Be inspired by New York - Guggenheim

# be inspired by eateries

I like small diners you find as you meander through the streets. MacDougal Street in the Village, just pick a busy place and have fun. In the heart of Midtown, dine under the high arching ceilings of Butter helmed by Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.

Be inspired by New York - Butter restaurant

# be inspired by shopping

After being inspired at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in Lower East Side, shop art galleries throughout SOHO on Greene Street, Broadway, Spring and Mercer.

Be inspired by New York - Soho

# be inspired by spectacular views

Walk around with your eyes wide open to catch new and exciting views. From Downtown to the World Trade Center, looking through Central Park from Columbus Circle or from the top floor at One Penn Plaza towards Downtown. Time Square at night or the Oculus World Trade Transportation Hub designed by Calatrava at Fulton Center.

Be inspired by New York - World Trade

# be inspired by night time

Highlands is a stylish tavern in the West Village for true and modern Scottish-influenced cocktails. A block away from Madison Garden, American Whiskey, a top-notch whiskey bar.

Be inspired by New York - American whiskey

# be inspired by nature

Strawberry fields in Central Park. The memorial to John Lennon is meant to create a tranquil space for meditation, the complete antithesis to one of the busiest parks and cities in the world. A true piece of art representing the creativity from a songwriter, artisans, landscape designers and craftsmen.

Be inspired by New York - Central Park

# be inspired by MIDO

The Commander Automatic. I like a watch that can be dressed up or down. The vertical orientation of the chronograph counters on the watch dial gives it a taller appearance with a not so busy face.

Be inspired by New York - Commander

# Eric Jaffe


Eric has been an architect for over 20 years and has worked in NYC for much of that time. He collaborates with designers in some of the biggest cities throughout North America, but it is the vibrancy, uniqueness and energetic nature of New York that invigorates him when working. He loves to visit new neighborhoods, find hidden culinary treasures and enjoy the social dynamic only available here.

Be inspired by New York - Eric Jaffe

Your favourite time of day?

7am, walking through Bryant Park in Midtown, an oasis from the hustle and bustle.

With just one hour to spend in the city, what would you do?

Tie the Guggenheim Museum together with a walk past the Metropolitan Museum, cross through Central Park, to Lincoln Center and enjoy a coffee at Joe. Heading down 5th Avenue and take a detour at the MoMA before ending at Rockefeller Center.

Which monument would you have loved to design in your city?

The High Line, the best example of adaptive re-use. This old rail line converted to a landscaped pedestrian walkway above the city is a clever design solution that provides a unique experience and an eclectic mix of people, city perspectives and neighborhoods as you get on and off.