Mickey takes us through a cosmopolitan and culturally rich hub well known for its modern skyscrapers and foodie delights. He shares with us how Taipei has become one of Asia’s leading innovators in urban planning and green architecture.

#  be inspired by architecture

Taipei 101. Rich in symbolism with its 101 floors – a figure standing for renewal, since the tower was built during the turn of the century (100 + 1) – and eight levels – a lucky number –, the tower combines traditional aesthetics with Taiwanese flair and postmodernist elements. The observation decks on the 89th and 91st floors afford a glimpse of just how crowded the city is. The structure of the building from top to bottom looks like funnel-shaped blocks stacked on top of each other – a symbol of "inexhaustible wealth” that could inspire a watch design. 

#  be inspired by eateries

Ton28 in Bellavita, serving acclaimed and authentic Japanese cuisine infused with a Taiwanese twist. Enjoy the spectacular view of Taipei 101.

#  be inspired by shopping

TUANTUAN in Bellavita is a multi-label shop offering an original selection of creations from around the world. Perfect style.

#  be inspired by spectacular views

Xiangshan, a mountain located in the Nangang District. Allow 25 minutes to reach the top of Elephant Mountain and a little more time to enjoy the scenery. Schedule this trip for the end of the afternoon, so you can make the most of the stunning daytime view, be at the peak in time for sunset and then admire Taipei by night on your way down.

#  be inspired by night time

Taipei is a city that never sleeps. Take some time to experience karaoke Taiwanese style, also known as KTV and a favorite nocturnal activity perfectly reflecting the importance of nightlife in Taiwan. Private rooms for groups of friends can be rented out by the hour. Sing your heart out at Cash Box Party. 

#  be inspired by nature

Yangmingshan National Park is the best place to catch the pulse of nature and take a break from the city’s hustle and bustle. A place to relax, soak in hot spring baths, hike or enjoy tea time at Shi-Yang. Perched at an altitude of 1,120 meters, Mount Quixing is the highest vantage point in Taipei City.

 be inspired by MIDO

My favorite collection is the Commander. I like how its design picks up the design of the Eiffel Tower, an outstanding landmark and an historic architectural marvel.

#  Mickey Huang

A graduate of Taipei’s Shih Hsin University in radio, television and film, Mickey is a TV personality, music columnist and the founder of the All Area Pass studio. His TV career began with a game show in 1988. He has been honored by several distinctions including Golden Bell awards for Best Variety Show and Variety Show Host for the Global Chinese Music chart countdown show. 

Your favourite time of day?

At noon, when everyone goes out to take a break and enjoy the vibrant pulse of the city.

With just one hour to spend in the city, what would you do?

Xinyi District, known as the “Manhattan of Taipei”. A mixture of closely clustered bookstores, parks, upscale malls and international cuisine. A great spot to enjoy the view of the Taipei 101 tower and other landmarks.

Which monument would you have loved to design in your city?

The Taipei 101 high-rise building that brings my city worldwide recognition. I like its elegant towering shape inspired by traditional pagodas, as well as its energy efficiency that makes it the world’s tallest ‘green’ building.