The long-awaited rendezvous has finally arrived. She glances at her Belluna Mysterious Date to check one last time that it’s the right day and the right time. She descends the long, dark corridor a little nervously. Breathless, she knocks on the door of room 618…


He stands there, tall, dark and mysterious. He looks so elegant in his blue suit, his Belluna Mysterious Date on his wrist. He draws close to her without saying a word and hands her a glass of champagne. A posy of delicate white flowers lies on the table. She sits down. He touches her shoulder, strokes her cheek. She trembles all over, and leaps up and kisses him...


Kiss after kiss, she undresses, as does he. She caresses his skin, he closes his eyes, she surrenders completely in his strong yet tender arms. Time stands still in their passionate embrace... When she wakes up, her eyes fall on her Belluna Mysterious Date. It is 6:18 a.m. Alone in her bed, she picks up her phone and writes: "Next secret rendezvous on..."

With its new date display system, the Belluna Mysterious Date is a first for watchmaker Mido. It reveals 31 apertures in the centre of its superb silvered dial with wave guilloché-style motif. Each of them elegantly displays a day of the month in pink while the date can be read in black. This unique face, rounded and subtle, is enhanced by 12 diamonds that glitter magnificently around the dial.


A timepiece with an air of mystery