Inspired By Amazing Architecture
Inspired By Amazing Architecture
Inspired By Amazing Architecture

Mido and Architecture, differently.

Mido highlights its links to architecture in a spectacular way; dancing each second, scaling the hours and jumping from day to night without dwelling on the past, as though only conceived to calculate the next surge of emotion.

MIDO Multifort Chronograph PVD Special Edition

Mido invites you to the moment when twilight falls.

The light is warm and the breeze gentle. A Mido Multifort marks the unadulterated joy of a parkour enthusiast as he balances perfectly on top of the metal arch of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

MIDO – Baroncelli Heritage

Mido invites you to the skies of Milan.

Overlooking the superb Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the Mido Baroncelli sets the tempo for a pair of dancers, who flit across the city's facades as if by magic.

MIDO – Ocean Star

Mido invites you to where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean.

A Mido Ocean Star marks each adrenaline-packed minute of an adventurer flung forcefully out of the water, so high that he could touch the Europa Point Lighthouse that towers majestically over the very tip of Gibraltar.