The watchmaker MIDO has just signed a partnership agreement with the UIA, the International Union of Architects, whose membership includes over 1.3 million architects worldwide and whose head office is in Paris. MIDO enjoys a particularly close relationship with architecture – its creations are inspired by icons of architecture that have left their mark on history. The signing of this partnership with the UIA is therefore a natural step, based on a set of values shared by the watchmaking brand and the leading global federation of national architects' organisations.

Mr. Linder, President of MIDO with Mr. Albert Dubler, President of the UIA

Mr. Linder, President of MIDO with Mr. Albert Dubler, President of the UIA, in January 2014.

A partnership based on shared values

This partnership between MIDO and the International Union of Architects (UIA) was signed on Wednesday 8 January 2014 in Paris by Albert Dubler, back then President of the UIA and Franz Linder, President of MIDO.

In the words of Franz Linder: "This partnership is fully and consistently in line with the strategy upheld by the brand since its creation. It underlines the credibility of MIDO in the world of architecture and reasserts the essential values which have established the brand's reputation: timeless design beyond fashion and passing trends, based on quality and technical innovation. The activities of the UIA will also enable MIDO to strengthen its visibility and notoriety in the world of architecture on an international level."

MIDO enhances its dialogue with world architecture through this partnership with the profession's leading global institution. The brand will thus be closely linked to the activities of the UIA, in particular during major international events which bring together the leading players in contemporary architecture (awards ceremonies, conferences, biennials etc.).

The UIA: a network of over 1.3 million architects worldwide

The International Union of Architects, a non-governmental organisation, is the global federation of national architects' organisations. Its aim is to unite architects from all four corners of the globe, free of all forms of discrimination. At its foundation in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 1948, it comprised delegates from 27 countries. Today it includes professional organisations from more than 120 countries and territories and through them unites over 1,300,000 architects worldwide. The UIA's activities revolve around professional, architectural and heritage issues.

The UIA is active around the world, holding forums, conferences, board meetings, international invitations and design competitions, etc., Over 300 architectural competitions have been held under its aegis, the results of which include the Sydney Opera House, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Alexandria Library and Tokyo International Forum among many other highly prestigious buildings. The UIA's flagship event is the triennial World Congress.

Architecture: a source of inspiration for MIDO

MIDO has enjoyed particularly a close relationship with the world of architecture for many years. The design of its collections pays homage to some of the most celebrated monuments on the planet.