MIDO | #EscapeTheRoutine | Teaser


Find your own Multifort Escape



Parkour is a sport that turns any natural or urban elements into an obstacle to overcome. The practitioners of this art of movement are true athletes who rely on their agility and physical strength alone to run across roofs, climb walls or jump over streams. Their philosophy is a quest for perfection rather than performance, and their motto “to be and to last” illustrates Mido’s values

MIDO | #EscapeTheRoutine | Monday

Crowded elevator? Take the stairs...

MIDO | #EscapeTheRoutine | Tuesday

Late for lunch? Follow the shortcut...

MIDO | #EscapeTheRoutine | Wednesday

Enough of usual workout? Try this...

MIDO | #EscapeTheRoutine | Thursday

Boring afterwork? Join your buddies...

MIDO | #EscapeTheRoutine | Friday

Overslept? Run...

MIDO | #EscapeTheRoutine | Saturday

Romantic mood? Follow your heart...

MIDO | #EscapeTheRoutine | Sunday

Enjoy your Sunday... But always in an amazing way!