These are the recommended prices for services applied by the corporate Customer Service Centers of The Swatch Group Ltd.'s affiliated company in the country where you are located, including Mido SA in Switzerland. However, this list is to be considered as simple price recommendations regarding services carried out by agreed third parties Service Partners which may apply other prices. This list is subject to change.

Watch categorySpecification

Partial /Complete service
(CHF-VAT included)

MechanicalManual winding50 / 190
Chronograph, COSC65 / 290
QuartzSimple50 / 120
Chronograph, COSC60 / 180
Light intervention

Minimum fee for light interventions : spare parts invoiced separately  i.e: bracelet shortening, replacement of external component, etc...

Old calibers and gold watchesAll services (subject to availability)Subject to an estimation

Partial maintenance service of your timepiece includes the following operation

  • Checking the function of the movement according to the MIDO quality standard.
  • Case and metal bracelet cleaning.
  • Replacement of the crown, pushers/corrector, crystal (except shaped mineral crystals and sapphire crystals), gaskets, battery if quartz calibre.
  • Restoration and checking of the water resistance of above mentioned parts and testing according to MIDO specifications.
  • Technical and aesthetical final check in compliance with the MIDO quality standard.

Complete maintenance service of your timepiece includes the following operation

  • All operations mentioned in the partial maintenance service (see above).
  • Opening of the watch case; dismantling of the crown with the winding stem so as to extract the movement with the dial and the hands.
  • Dismantling of the movement in its individual parts, revision of the movement and replace worn movement parts, cleaning, oiling, assembling, tuning of the precision and checking the functions of the movement according to the MIDO quality standard or a movement exchange.

24-month Service Warranty

We offer a 24-month warranty on the work done. In case of damage covered by this warranty, we undertake to repair or replace any parts, as we see fit and free of charge, and/or to repair faulty work as discovered by our Customer Service. All other rights in connection with faulty work on our parts are explicitly excluded. This warranty neither covers normal wear and tear nor accidental damage or damage caused through negligence. This warranty shall be excluded in the case of any work being done by persons who are not appointed MIDO service partners.