#MyMidoMoment - Winner Lady


Jeena Wong

#MyMidoMoment - Winner Gent


Jason Tan


MIDO is sharing your moment of pride and joy of owning MIDO watch.


The sharing begins on 15th November – 5th December 2017 and will last for 20 days. Providing #MyMidoMoment as a platform for esteem owner to share their thoughts and experience which inspired them as an owner.


Throughout the 20 days of moment, owners can post their photo or video with their MIDO watches on our Facebook and Instagram post with their thoughts and inspirations. On our Facebook or Instagram, we will share some of your aspiring story for general public to inspire others. Two (2) post that have most inspiring likes and share will win a watch each.

The winner of this #MyMidoMoment will be announced on the following date of contest closing, 6th December 2017. Two (2) inspiring winners will be notified and invited to join our MIDO Appreciation Night dinner on 7th December 2017 and collect their prize during the event.

So let's start sharing your aspiring story to inspire others #MyMidoMoment.


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