INSPIRED BY ARCHITECTURE: 20 years of a unique and timeless bond

To celebrate 20 years of this unique alliance and to shine an even brighter light on the values Mido shares with this visionary yet timeless discipline, the brand is set to unveil five exclusive models from its flagship collections: All Dial, Baroncelli, Ocean Star, Multifort and Commander.

This anniversary year opens with the All Dial design watch – which is celebrating its own anniversary! Its dial structure calls to mind the circular construction of the Colosseum, as well as its easily identifiable arches.
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Next, the curves of the Baroncelli will elegantly celebrate the round neoclassical shape, a nod to the Rennes Opera House.
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Then comes the Ocean Star with its high performance and reliability, notable for its superior water resistance just like the Europa Point Lighthouse in Gibraltar, built to guide sailors safely home from their maritime quests.
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The robust Multifort, meanwhile, will highlight its association with the mighty Sydney Harbour Bridge. A rock solid architectural creation conceived in 1932, qualities that it shares with this Mido collection. Its main feature, the Geneva stripes on its dial, are reminiscent of the bridge’s vertical suspension cables.
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Finally, the lines of the iconic Commander – in constant production by the brand for the past six decades – pays tribute to the iconic and historic Eiffel Tower.
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