Juanchi Torre

Juanchi Torre

MIDO in 3 words?

Design, legacy and architecture

How would you describe the Baroncelli Caliber 80 Chronometer Silicon?

A classic watch with a unique look that perfectly combines architecture and design to showcase the beautiful details of a magnificent monument.

What I like the most about these watches, beyond the technology they incorporate, is that they remain everyday classics.

When would you choose to wear the Baroncelli Caliber 80 Chronometer Silicon and why?

I think it is the ideal timepiece for a business meeting. This kind of watches gives you confidence; its remarkable design ensures you always make the best impression.

What is your favourite model in the Baroncelli Caliber 80 Chronometer Silicon range?

The gold model. The combination of gold and steel coupled with the design is simply amazing.

As you know, Mido is inspired by architecture. The Baroncelli is thus linked to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan. What do this monument and city inspire in you?

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is inspiring for its magnificent design, perfect arcades, amazing glass dome and for the way it connects two of Milan’s most famous landmarks.

The city itself is also a source of inspiration thanks to its prominence in design, fashion, art and education, to name but a few.


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