Mido Powerwind

In 1954, Mido launched a self-winding movement, the automatic part of which comprised between 7 and a maximum of 16 components, making it easier to service – across the world – whilst also earning it the reputation of being less susceptible to faults. This smaller number of components also had the benefit of reducing wear, making the mechanism even more reliable.

This movement was developed in collaboration with the brand's long-standing partner, A. Schild SA.  


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The design of the piece would be adopted again in 1959, and in the current Mido Ocean Star Commander collection. Its one-piece "monocoque" case was revolutionary for its time, and continues to be used today in a shape which has barely changed since then. We can still see its hallmarks in the Mido Ocean Star Commander collection. The ingenious design, the innovative monocoque case, the Permafit crystal – pressure-fitted and without a gasket* – and the Aquadura system ensured the watch was both water-resistant and air-tight. These features allowed Mido's engineers to move closer to their goal of creating watches which required very little maintenance.

*an innovation for this time, as watches were usually fitted with a gasket

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Technical specs:


  • 1964: Mido Swiss Limited, Cal.1147OC, 19.800, 17 jewels, Incabloc
  •  A. Schild movements were identified by a stamped marking of a shield surrounding the letters "AS"
  • A. Schild movements were used by a number of manufacturers from the 1950s to the 1970s.


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