Ocean Star Captain Titanium


The sea is his homeland. The Seafarer constantly explores its vast stretches and, whenever possible, dives in to discover the many splendours hidden in its depths. The length of his days varies according to the sky, but it is essential for him to know the exact time in order to chart his position and measure his diving time. On his wrist is a Mido Ocean Star Captain. He chose the titanium version for its lightness and resistance. He also likes the starfish engraved on the case back, which keeps him in constant contact with his favourite element.

Ever since populations first started to travel further afield by boat, there have been lighthouses serving as landmarks for seafarers and marine chronometers equipping their vessels." The Seafarer likes the parallels that exist between these two instruments. Although now electronic, the rotation of a lighthouse was long driven by a clock mechanism. Offering up to 80 hours of power reserve and capable of withstanding a pressure of up to 20 bar, his Ocean Star Captain watches over him like the Europa Point lighthouse keeps vigil over the Gibraltar Strait.

One turn, two turns... The Seafarer plays with the rotating bezel of his Ocean Star Captain and ten seconds go by: the regular interval between two light signals emitted by the Europa Point lighthouse. His diving equipment is ready, his boat is primed; it is time to head out to sea.

Ocean Star Captain Titanium

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