Belluna Lady



For weeks on end, Stella has been perfecting her precise movements. She will dance the principal role in a timeless romantic ballet adapted by a contemporary choreographer.

Her company will soon perform in London, on the boards of the Royal Albert Hall. Stella loves its magnetic atmosphere. She will be dancing so close to the audience that she will be able to feel their emotions; an intimate moment with hundreds of people. She cherishes this subtle balancing act and finds the same character in her Mido Belluna Lady: the interplay of the two-tone steel case and bracelet, and the duality between the watch's highly feminine aesthetics and the technicality of the Caliber 80, its automatic mechanical movement. Stella also loves the white mother-of-pearl marquetry on the dial, as delicate as the tulle skirt she will wear at the Royal Albert Hall, the architectural emblem of her Belluna Lady.

The ballet rehearsal draws to a close. Stella quickly slips on her tracksuit and deftly places her Belluna Lady on her wrist. "It's so graceful to wear I could dance with it," she muses, captivated by the hypnotic ballet of the seconds hand.

Belluna lady

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