Friends of the brand

Friend of the brand - Brodie Pawson

Brodie Pawson

Brodie Pawson discovered Parkour whilst watching Casino Royale with his brother Dylan. Ten years later he is a professional Parkour athlete and participates in the Australian Ninja Warrior competition. His relationship with Mido started in 2017. Today, Brodie and Dylan create visual content to promote the Multifort collection.

Thomas Mougne

Thomas Mougne is a French model, actor, and professionnal parkour athlete. Student of David Belle, founder of Parkour, he performs in action movies. He is often featured in Mido's videos and shares photos through Instagram.

Friend of the brand - Thomas Mougne
Friend of MIDO - Sam Dorman


The American Sam Dorman won a silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics. As a gifted professional diver, he is the ideal ambassador for the Ocean Star collection. He represents the brand during international competitions and events and shares his success on Mido social media accounts.

Ricardo GM

Ricardo GM is the youngest of Mido's friends of the brand. Model and parkour performer, he lives in Mexico. His relationship with Mido includes him producing and posting social media content related to the Multifort collection.

Friend of the brand - Ricardo GM
Friend of the brand - JC Chee

JC Chee

JC Chee is not only known in Malaysia for his acting career but also for his modeling activities. A talented actor, he has furthermore won a gold award for Best New Director at the Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival in Jakarta. He participates to Mido events and  is one of the faces of the brand on social media.

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